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Zoomlion Concrete Pump For mixing motor output shaft 8Y-1000

Minimum Order Quantity : 1piece Price : 35$
Packaging Details : Export standards Delivery Time : 6days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 50pcs/month
Place of Origin: Chang sha China Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: for 8Y-1000

Detail Information

Adapted Models: Pump Truck Weight: 2.56kg
Color: Black

Product Description

The output shaft of the mixing motor in Zoomlion's concrete pump truck serves specific functions and plays a crucial role in the mixing process. Here is a description of its functionality:

Power Transmission: The primary function of the mixing motor output shaft is to transmit power from the motor to the mixing drum. It is connected directly to the mixing drum's drive system, typically through a gearbox or other transmission mechanism. By rotating the output shaft, the motor transfers rotational force to the mixing drum, enabling the mixing process.

Mixing Drum Rotation: The output shaft's rotational movement is responsible for rotating the mixing drum. As power is transmitted from the motor through the output shaft, it drives the mixing drum to rotate, ensuring the thorough blending and homogeneity of the concrete mixture. The output shaft's speed and torque determine the speed and intensity of the mixing action.

Speed Control: The output shaft allows for control over the rotational speed of the mixing drum. By adjusting the motor's speed or utilizing speed control mechanisms, the output shaft can vary the rotational speed of the drum. This control is crucial for achieving the desired mixing consistency and adapting to different project requirements.

Reverse Functionality: In some concrete pump trucks, the output shaft of the mixing motor can be reversed, allowing for the reversal of the mixing drum's rotation. This feature is useful for dislodging any material stuck to the drum's walls or for cleaning purposes. By reversing the output shaft's rotation, the mixing drum can be effectively cleared or cleaned before the next mixing operation.

Maintenance and Serviceability: The output shaft is designed for ease of maintenance and serviceability. It can be accessed and serviced when necessary, allowing for inspection, lubrication, and any required repairs or replacements. This ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of the output shaft and associated components.

Zoomlion Concrete Pump For mixing motor output shaft 8Y-1000 0Zoomlion Concrete Pump For mixing motor output shaft 8Y-1000 1Zoomlion Concrete Pump For mixing motor output shaft 8Y-1000 2


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