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Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Welding Parts For Hopper 0172101A1000 001790107A0100000

Minimum Order Quantity : 1piece Price : 2400$
Packaging Details : Export standards Delivery Time : 5days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 10pcs/month
Place of Origin: Chang sha China Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: 0172101A1000

Detail Information

Adapted Models: Pump Truck Factory Code: 001790107A0100000
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Zoomlion Concrete Pump Welding Parts


Hopper Concrete Pump Welding Parts


Zoomlion Concrete Pump Parts 0172101A1000

Product Description

Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Welding Parts For Hopper0172101A1000 001790107A0100000

The concrete hopper in a concrete pump truck serves specific functions and plays a crucial role in the pumping process. Here is a description of its functionality:

  1. Concrete Storage: The primary function of the concrete hopper is to store and hold the concrete before it is pumped. The hopper has a large capacity to accommodate a significant volume of concrete, allowing for continuous pumping without the need for frequent reloading. It serves as a reservoir, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted supply of concrete during the construction process.

  2. Concrete Loading: The concrete hopper provides a convenient and efficient means of loading the concrete into the pump system. It is typically positioned at a suitable height to enable easy access for concrete delivery. The hopper may feature a wide opening or gate that can be opened to allow the concrete to flow into the hopper from a concrete mixer truck or other concrete sources.

  3. Concrete Distribution: The concrete hopper facilitates the controlled distribution of concrete into the pumping system. It often includes a gate or valve mechanism that can be adjusted to regulate the flow of concrete from the hopper into the conveying cylinder. This ensures a controlled and steady flow of concrete, preventing overloading or excessive pressure within the pumping system.

  4. Material Protection: The concrete hopper is designed to protect the concrete from external elements that could contaminate or compromise its quality. It provides a closed and secure environment, shielding the concrete from dust, debris, moisture, and other contaminants. This helps maintain the integrity and consistency of the concrete, ensuring that it remains suitable for construction purposes.

  5. Safety Features: The concrete hopper may incorporate safety features to prevent accidents or injuries during the loading and pumping process. These features include guardrails, non-slip surfaces, and safety interlocks that ensure proper operation and prevent unauthorized access to the hopper during operation.

  6. Maintenance and Cleaning: The concrete hopper is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. It may include access panels or removable parts that allow for quick inspection, cleaning, and removal of any residual concrete or debris. This facilitates regular maintenance tasks and ensures that the hopper remains in optimal condition for efficient concrete handling.

Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Welding Parts For Hopper 0172101A1000 001790107A0100000 0Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Welding Parts For Hopper 0172101A1000 001790107A0100000 1

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