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Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump S Pipe 22MPA For Vehicle Mounted Pumps 001790209A0101000

Minimum Order Quantity : 1piece Price : 500$
Packaging Details : Export standards Delivery Time : 3days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 20pcs/month
Place of Origin: Chang sha China Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: DN260 DN230 DN200

Detail Information

Adapted Models: Pump Truck Color: White
Factory Code: 001790209A0101000
High Light:

Zoomlion Concrete Pump S Pipe


Zoomlion Concrete Pump Parts 001790209A0101000


22MPA Vehicle Pumps S Pipe

Product Description

Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump S Pipe 22MPA For Vehicle Mounted Pumps 001790209A0101000

The S-valve in a concrete pump truck serves specific functions and plays a crucial role in the pumping operation. Here is a description of its functionality:

  1. Directional Control: The primary function of the S-valve is to control the direction of the concrete flow within the pumping system. It consists of two flaps or gates arranged in an "S" shape. By opening and closing these flaps in a synchronized manner, the S-valve directs the flow of concrete from the hopper to the delivery line or discharge outlet. This enables precise control of the concrete placement and ensures efficient and accurate pumping operations.

  2. Concrete Flow Regulation: The S-valve allows for the regulation of the concrete flow rate. By adjusting the opening and closing of the flaps, the operator can control the volume of concrete being pumped. This is particularly important when dealing with different pour rates or when placing concrete at various distances or heights. The S-valve ensures a consistent and controlled flow of concrete, preventing issues such as blockages or excessive pressure within the pumping system.

  3. Sealing and Efficiency: The S-valve provides an effective seal between the delivery line and the hopper, preventing concrete from flowing back or leaking during the pumping process. This seal is crucial to maintain the efficiency of the pumping system and prevent any loss of concrete or contamination. The S-valve's design and operation ensure a tight seal, minimizing air or material leakage and maximizing the efficiency of the pumping operation.

  4. Wear Resistance: The S-valve is typically constructed with durable materials that offer excellent wear resistance. As concrete contains abrasive particles, the S-valve is subjected to significant wear and tear during operation. The design and material selection of the S-valve aim to minimize wear and extend its lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime.

  5. Versatility: The S-valve is designed to handle various types of concrete mixes, including those with different consistencies and aggregate sizes. Its robust construction and efficient flow control enable the pumping of a wide range of concrete compositions, making it suitable for different construction applications.

  6. Maintenance and Serviceability: The S-valve is designed to be easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. Its construction allows for quick inspection, cleaning, and potential repairs. This ensures that the S-valve can be properly maintained, optimizing its performance and extending its operational life.

Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump S Pipe 22MPA For Vehicle Mounted Pumps 001790209A0101000 0Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump S Pipe 22MPA For Vehicle Mounted Pumps 001790209A0101000 1

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