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Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Fan VA89-BBL338P/N-94 (Built-In) 1021000222

Minimum Order Quantity : 1piece Price : 83$
Packaging Details : Export standards Delivery Time : 7days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 30pcs/month
Place of Origin: Chang sha China Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: 1021000222

Detail Information

Adapted Models: Pump Truck Factory Code: 1021000222
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Zoomlion Concrete Pump Fan




1021000222 Sany Concrete Pump Parts

Product Description

The VA89-BBL338P/N-94A radiator fan in a concrete pump truck serves specific functions and plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the vehicle. Here is a description of its functionality:

  1. Cooling: The primary function of the VA89-BBL338P/N-94A radiator fan is to cool the engine and other components by drawing air through the radiator. As the engine operates, it generates heat, and the radiator dissipates this heat by passing coolant through its fins. The radiator fan enhances the cooling process by pulling air across the radiator, increasing airflow and facilitating efficient heat transfer. This helps prevent overheating of the engine and ensures its optimal performance.

  2. Heat Dissipation: The radiator fan aids in dissipating heat from the coolant circulating in the cooling system. As the coolant absorbs heat from the engine, it flows through the radiator, where the fan assists in removing heat from the coolant by forcing air to pass over the radiator's fins. This promotes the exchange of heat between the coolant and the surrounding air, resulting in effective heat dissipation and maintaining the proper operating temperature of the engine.

  3. Temperature Regulation: The radiator fan helps regulate the operating temperature of the engine by adjusting the airflow across the radiator. When the engine temperature rises above the desired threshold, the fan is activated to increase the airflow and cool the radiator more efficiently. Conversely, when the engine temperature drops, the fan may be deactivated or operate at a reduced speed to conserve energy and maintain the optimal temperature range.

  4. Engine Protection: The VA89-BBL338P/N-94A radiator fan plays a vital role in protecting the engine from overheating. By maintaining the proper operating temperature, the fan prevents excessive heat buildup, which can cause damage to engine components, such as the cylinder heads, gaskets, or pistons. The fan ensures that the engine operates within a safe temperature range, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the risk of costly repairs.

  5. Enhanced System Performance: By maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the engine, the radiator fan contributes to the overall performance and efficiency of the concrete pump truck. A properly cooled engine operates more efficiently, delivering consistent power and torque while minimizing fuel consumption. The fan helps optimize the vehicle's performance, ensuring reliable operation during demanding tasks.

  6. System Monitoring: Some radiator fans, including the VA89-BBL338P/N-94A, may feature integrated sensors that monitor the engine temperature. These sensors provide feedback to the vehicle's control system, allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the fan's operation. This helps ensure accurate temperature control and immediate response to temperature changes, further enhancing the cooling system's efficiency.

Sany And Zoomlion Concrete Pump Fan VA89-BBL338P/N-94 (Built-In) 1021000222 0

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