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Overlay overflow valve ZDB6VP2-42 / 315V Factory code: 1010301308

Minimum Order Quantity : 1piece Price : 80$-100$
Packaging Details : Export standards Delivery Time : 1-4days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 150pcs/month
Place of Origin: Chang sha China Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: ZDB6VP2-4X / 315V

Detail Information

Color: Blue Material: Steel
Medium: Hydraulic Oil Weight: 1kg
Factory Code: 1010301308

Product Description

Functional Characteristics of the ZDB6VP2-4X / 315V Rexroth Hydraulic Overflow Valve:

ZDB6VP2-4X/315V is a model number for a hydraulic pressure relief valve manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. Here are some general functional characteristics of this valve:

  1. 1:Pressure Relief Function: The ZDB6VP2-4X/315V valve is primarily designed for pressure relief applications in hydraulic systems. It helps regulate and control the pressure within the system to prevent overpressure and protect the system components.

  2. 2:Proportional Control: The "VP2" in the model number suggests that this valve is a proportional control valve. It means that it can modulate the pressure relief function based on an input signal or proportional control signal.

  3. 3:Pilot Operated: The valve is pilot operated, which means it uses a control pilot to regulate the main valve operation. The control pilot responds to the input signal and adjusts the valve's position accordingly.

  4. 4:Four-Way Design: The "4X" indicates that this valve has a four-way design. It typically includes two ports for the inlet and outlet of hydraulic fluid and two ports for the pilot control.

  5. 5:Pressure Rating: The "315V" in the model number represents the maximum pressure rating of the valve. In this case, it suggests a maximum pressure of 315 bar (approximately 4,570 psi).

  6. 6:Size and Configuration: The specific dimensions and configuration of the valve, including port sizes and mounting options, can vary depending on the specific model and customer requirements. It is important to consult the manufacturer's documentation or specifications for detailed information.Overlay overflow valve ZDB6VP2-42 / 315V Factory code: 1010301308 0Overlay overflow valve ZDB6VP2-42 / 315V Factory code: 1010301308 1Overlay overflow valve ZDB6VP2-42 / 315V Factory code: 1010301308 2

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